Homes on Long Beach Island and the mainland areas are very susceptible to termite infestation and damage. The humid environment and the sandy soil provide a perfect habitat for termites to thrive. A yearly termite inspection should be a part of every home’s pest control regiment. It is cheap insurance that could prevent a costly termite treatment in the future. At LBI Pest Control, we will inspect your property for signs of termites and if found, we will give you an estimate for treatment. If we find no signs of activity, we will issue you a one year warranty against future termite infestation. Call for more info and pricing.

Termites swarming inside your home? That is usually the first sign that a homeowner will see when they know that the house has been infested by termites.

At LBI Pest Control, when this happens, we will come to your home or business, do a complete inspection and give you a written estimate with a plan of action. We use the best chemical on the market today for the extermination of the whole colony of termites that live under and feed on your home. The chemical is Termidor. Termidor is not a repellent, it uses a transfer effect to eliminate the whole colony, and it is the only chemical we use, because it is the best.

We also offer wood destroying insect and termite inspections for real estate transactions and homeowners.

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