Termite Pre-Treatments

House_Foundation_Rochester_MN(1)LBI Pest Control has been serving the the new home construction industry with termite pre-treatments for over 30 years. We work with some of the largest commercial home builders in the state and we can provide all new construction with a complete preventative termite treatment. All of our pre-construction work comes with a 5 year termite free guarantee to the new homeowners. The work consists of treating the soil around the buildings foundation, garage, porches and plumbing before it is poured to provide a chemical barrier against termites. It is a great add-on that they will appreciate at closing, giving them a piece of mind knowing that their new home has been treated for termites. We also treat apartment buildings, town home and condo developments. We also provide this service to individuals who are building their own home. Call or contact us for information and pricing and give us a chance to bid on your next project.